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2000 Sweepstakes & Specialty Results

Puppy & Veteran Sweepstakes
Judge: Mrs. M Coe

Puppy Sweepstakes, Dogs, 6 - 9 months

1. Sea Wind Aspen's Roadrunner, C Gregory, J Ringer, K Souder
2. Xerxes Al Sayad Sawahin, D and F Bennett

Puppy Sweepstakes, Dogs, 12 - 18 months

1. Phenix Firecracker Joe, V Clarke
2. Zanskar Summer Squall, JC, A Mayea, C Bethke

Puppy Sweepstakes, Bitches, 6 - 9 months

1. Sundara's Keep the Faith, MP and R Haag
2. Noble's Aniiq Fantasy, ML Odekirk
3. Khaladia Chrimson & Clover, E Maier-Tubbs and W Tubbs

Puppy Sweepstakes, Bitches, 9 - 12 months

1. Shiraz Ahsanu Moonstruck, A Perlow-Bearden and G Bearden

Puppy Sweepstakes, Bitches, 12 - 18 months

1. Phenix Black Magic Genie, L Clarke

Best in Puppy Sweepstakes: Sundara's Keep the Faith
Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweepstakes: Phenix Firecracker Joe

Veteran Sweepstakes, Dogs, 7 - 9 years

1. Ch Lois' Shabin Min Yurdan, JC, C Bethke

Veteran Sweepstakes, Dogs, 9 - 11 years

1. Ch Sintara's Knight to Remember, JC, J and K Chen
2. Ch Kyzyl Kum Djinn, W and B Duggan

Veteran Sweepstakes, Dogs, 11 + years

1. Ch Zafara's Ali Sheik, A Lutz

Veteran Sweepstakes, Bitches, 7 - 9 years

1. Ch Sundara's High Velicity, JC M LaFlamme Haag
2. El Char Mahara, L Larsen
3. Ch Ahsanu Fantasma, A Perlow-Bearden and G Bearden

Veteran Sweepstakes, Bitches, 9 - 11 years

1. Ch Sadik Ananda Kali, CD, JC, C Chapman

Veteran Sweepstakes, Bitches, 11 + years

1. Ch Burydown Tegan, S Schroder

Best in Veteran Sweepstakes: Ch Burydown Tegan
Best Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweepstakes: Ch Lois' Shabin Min Yurdan

Regular & Non-Regular Classes
Judge: Mrs. N Runsten (88 Ent - 37d - 51b)

On several occasions I have had the honour of judging Salukis in the US, and it has always been a great pleasure. So it was this time. The show site in Pleasanton is one of the best anywhere, we had a nice, big ring, my stewards were excellent, the weather was perfect, and the good entry was a great compliment.

I was very pleased with my lineups for WD and WB, and the BOB class was a lovely sight. What I look for in a Saluki is graceful balance with good length of body and that oriental touch, combined with strength. A smooth, flowing, not exaggerated, side gait is more important to me than absolute soundness coming and going. A topping on the cake is a profuse feathering, or in the smooths, that extra refinement. In my BOB and BOS and the five Award of Merit-winners I found most of these qualities. To me good front construction is essential, as it affects not only movement but also neck set and head carriage and thus the whole balance of the dog. Quite a few exhibits at this show were too upright in front and had to pay the penalty.

Dogs (21d 4 pts)

Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.

1 Xerxes Al Sayad Sawahin, F Bennett/D Bennett
A promising, well-made smooth with lovely neck & topline, well angulated and moving well for age.
2 Sea Wind Aspen's Roadrunner, C Gregory/J Ringer/K Souder

12 - 18 Mos.

1 Phenix Firecracker Joe, V Clarke

Bred By Exhibitor

1 Lacey's Luther Lightfoot, L Hopkins/B Hopkins
Strong and masculine, lovely head & expression, good length, well made all through with a free and easy side gait, sound coming and going. Slightly ewe-necked.
2 D'Ansor Scimitar Ben Barak, G Hayden
A red dog of excellent type, beautiful head & expression, shorter in body, but lovely depth and moving well.
3 Kyzyl Kum Sinan JC, W Duggan/B Duggan
4 Zanskar Summer Squall JC, C Bethke/K Mayea

American Bred

All lacked the typical proud head carriage when moving.

1 Lacey's Rioa Ataan, J Sears
A litter brother to the winner of the BB class - well balanced with very good brisket and depth, nice topline and croup, very good feet.
2 D'Ansor Mu'tazz Al Sayad JC, L Hardman
3 El Jehemma El Assad, J Pendry


1 Baklava's Rafi Rasil Of Khiva, V Preston
This dog immediately caught my eye. White with a few fawn spots, lovely dark eye with soft expression, head profile not his fortune; beautiful neck, topline & underline, lovely length, enough depth, just the right angulation, excellent mover, and so well handled.
2 Issibaa's Xenith, Issibaa Knl/T Saunders RW
Another very lovely Saluki, well balanced with excellent proportions & angulation, stylish mover, nice feet, but a little weak in pasterns.
3 Schwanhild Ach Mujaahid JC, J Beeler
Beautiful type, shape and movement, but somewhat spooky on the day.
4 Issibaa's Aafirefly JC, L Ackerman/Issibaa Knl

Winners Dog: Baklava's Rafi Rasil Of Khiva
Reserve Winners Dog: Issibaa's Xenith

Bitches (38b 4 pts)

Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.

1 Sundara's Keep The Faith, M Haag/M Haag/R Haag
Lovely feminine head & expression, very upright in front, but still a nice side gait.
2 Noble's Aniiq Fantasy, M Odekirk
3 Khaladia Chrimson And Clover, E Maier-Tubbs/W Tubbs

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.

1 Shiraz Ahsanu Moonstruck, A Bearden/G Bearden
A beautiful 10 months old grizzle with generous proportions, lovely head & expression, very nice topline, croup & sweep of hindquarters; excellent side gait. I do hope that she will get her erratic front movement under control, given time. If there had been a competition for Best Puppy, she would have been my winner.

12 - 18 Mos.

1 Phenix Black Magic Genie, L Clarke

Bred By Exhibitor

Among the 13 BB-bitches I had two favourites. Both were of lovely type and very well balanced, they had excellent necks, toplines, hindquarters and side gait. The winner, Zemma, excelled in front construction, Gwynasha Kishon excelled in feminine radiance.

1 Issibaa's Zemma, S Kinney/J Kinney
A strong contender for the Reserve, but she disappointed in the challenge.
2 Khiva's Gwynasha Kishon, K Hamilton/V Hamilton-Preston
3 Ziba Snowtazi, J Skupny/T Skupny
4 Jamora Chloe, K Anselmo/S Forsyth/J Morrison

American Bred

1 Kyzyl Kum Shaheena Terikor JC, K Bornstein/C Solomon
A very pleasing grizzle, lovely make & shape, with extra good front, moved so well with her young handler.
2 Sintara's Sri Kendra, L Hopkins/C Mikkelsen


1 Jamora Natalia, K Anselmo/S Forsyth/J Morrison
A very feminine red, lovely type, beautiful head & expression, very good neck & topline, nice length of body, well angulated and feathered. Handled to perfection and moved very well to begin with, later somewhat reluctantly.
2 Terikor Tova JC, K Bornstein/C Solomon
A feminine, very stylish black/tan; very attractive but I would have preferred her entire front assembly to be placed further back.
3 Zahirs Razzle Dazzle, C Mcintyre
4 Miriah's Moonstruck Shamar's, M Clark/S Weitz

Winners Bitch: Jamora Natalia
Reserve Winners Bitch: Kyzyl Kum Shaheena Terikor JC

Veteran Dog 7 To 10

1 CH Lois' Shabih Min Yurdan JC, C Bethke

Veteran Dog 10 +

1 CH Zafara's Ali Sheik, A Lutz
A fine Saluki in great condition for his age. My favourite of the Veteran Dogs.

Veteran Bitch 7 To 10

1 CH Ahsanu Fantasma, A Bearden/G Bearden

Veteran Bitch 10 +

1 CH D'Ansor Shachor Sa'ra , G Ross

I was very impressed with both my class winners, the 7 year-old Ch AHSANU FANTASMA and the 10 year-old D’ANSOR SHACHOR SA’RA. They were both in super condition, as only Saluki veterans can be, both had lovely dark eyes and moved easily and with sparkle - and both were rather upright in front.

Field Trial, Dogs

1. CH Mystery's Ain't Misbehavin' JC, Dr. D and F Bennett
Very impressive all through and won his class.

Field Trial, Bitches

1. CH Santana Boojum Kish JC, W and V Cook


Ch Mystery's Ain't Misbehavin' JC and Xerxes Al Sayad Sawahin, F Bennett/D Bennett

Breed Winners

Best of Breed or Variety: CH Noble Singular Sensation JC, M Odekirk
Best of Opposite Sex: CH Gemini Phaeton Jane Eyre JC, C Diener-Farrell/E Steel
Best of Winners: Baklava's Rafi Rasil Of Khiva, V Preston
Select Awards:
Ch Khiva's Athena, V Preston
Baklava's Rafi Rasil Of Khiva, V Preston
Jamora Natalia, K Anselmo/S Forsyth/J Morrison
CH Mystery's Ain't Misbehavin' JC, Dr. D and F Bennett
CH Zafara's Ali Sheik , A Lutz

Competing for BOB were 12 champion dogs, 8 champion bitches, 4 veterans, 2 Field Courserer and WD and WB. Difficult to choose between these lovely dogs, but I found my winner in Ch NOBLE SINGULAR SENSATION, a very spectacular cream coloured dog with great presence. He’s on the verge of being exaggerated, but I couldn’t resist his strength and elegance and the way he controlled the ring like a true stallion.

BOW was the dog, BAKLAVA’S RAFI RASIL OF KHIVA, certainly one of my favourites on the day. I was surprised to find that he comes from the famous Baklava kennels in Sweden - he didn’t carry the typical Baklava-stamp, possibly due to his unusual head profile.

For BOS my choice finally stood between two lovely specials, the white Ch GEMINI PHAETON JANE EYRE and the cream Ch KHIVA’S ATHENA.

Athena was perhaps the more beautiful in type, floating around the ring with profuse feathering, but finally Jane Eyre won thanks to her super construction enabling her to move flawlessly also coming and going. Two superb bitches. I gave the five AWARDS OF MERIT to Athena, BOW, WB, the Field Coursing Dog and the 12 year-old Veteran Dog.
Thank you, all, for a very enjoyable day!

Nenne Runsten

Obedience Trial Classes
Judge: Mrs. L W Seibak

Novice B

1st CH Timaru Zephyrus CD SC, J Beeler pts 178.0

High in Trial: CH Timaru Zephyrus CD SC

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