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2001 Specialty Results

Regular & Non-Regular Classes
Judge: Ms. C Potts (134 Ent - 55d - 79b)

Thank you for inviting me to judge your show, with such a wonderful sized entry. I would especially like to thank all the people who hosted me, both before and after the show. The hospitality will certainly be returned, should any of you visit Australia.

In judging, I look for a saluki that flows, from tip of nose to tail, is balanced, moderate and encompasses the standard descriptions of 'grace, symmetry, strength & activity'. I look for 'perfection', that is to find a saluki that is all the things in the standard, combined with total soundness, moves lightly, effortlessly and soundly in all directions and is in peak physical condition, with a natural bloom to their coat. Today, I saw many lovely dogs that I felt were 'soft' and not in as good a physical shape (fitness and muscle tone) as they could be, and because of this their outlines, toplines and movement, especially coming and going, suffered. I would like to judge them again after undergoing some sessions of road work, and in most cases, it is highly possible my placings would change.

After the show I was advised that I placed a number of coursing salukis. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that because of their coursing runs, these dogs were considerably fitter than many others. To course or not is a personal choice, yet I feel that all salukis that are shown should be in peak physical condition. Smooths are not numerous in Australia, and I was particularly impressed with the quality of smooth salukis that I saw today, and consider that the California smooths would easily be the best in the world.

Dogs (34d 5 pts)

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.

1 Jamora Meadowlark, R Morrison/K Anselmo/S Forsyth
A very inexperienced red and white parti colour. Needs to mature and develop a lot more but has a lot of potential.

12 - 18 Mos.

1 Sadik Solar Flare, C Chapman
Red dog, the best movement in this class, especially on the out and back. Nice head, good shoulder placement and angulations, a very moderate dog. I feel he will develop into quite a good dog as he gets older.
2 Z'Bee's Mazada Ali Za'har, C Taylor/B Barth
Cream, ungainly on the move, nice outline, moderate with nothing overdone. Plenty of potential to mature into a nice style of dog.
3 Obi-Wan Phenix Tribal Mojo, V Clarke
Black & Silver carried tail a bit too high for my taste, nice head, moderate angulation, shorter coupled than the others in this class.
4 Ranesaw Sindbad Of Sintara, J Wassenaar/R Wassenaar
Tri colour smooth Long neck , really lovely head, and nice tuck up, disappointed on movement coming and going.

Bred By Exhibitor

A very strong class with a number of nice dogs.

1 Issibaa's Aandroo JC, S Kinney/J Kinney
Red shaded fawn smooth. Really liked this dog a lot. Lovely flowing outline. Nicely balanced, deep brisket, lovely head, everything flowed together. Nice ground covering movement and moved soundly coming and going, but let me down on the move in the Winners Dog. In good hard condition.
2 Aspen's Double Trouble SC, C Gregory/S Simpson
Black & White parti colour. A little tentative, very sound and moved well coming and going. Nice head and neck. Higher set tail than I prefer, a nice dog overall.
3 D'Ansor Scimitar Ben Barak, G Hayden
Black fringed Red A moderate dog with nice head that moved well coming and going. A little steeper in croup than I prefer.
4 Abaqero TSH Beretta, C Mason/A Vigneri
Red dog, very 'deserty' looking. Moved well and another in hard condition.

American Bred

1 Sea Wind Aspen's Roadrunner JC, C Gregory/J Ringer/K Souder
Chocolate & white Parti colour, a young dog with a lot to like, not overdone in any way, nice head, moved reasonably well.


1 Jazirat Khartoum, L Brabyn
Black and silver. Still a young dog, with a tendency to misbehave like only a youngster can, heaps of potential to further develop into a top winner. Wonderful outline, topline and head & neck, moderate angulation throughout, moved very well. I found him hard to fault and one I would willing take home with me. Was my Winners Dog today and I feel he will go on to far greater things.
2 Aspen's Triple Threat JC, M Lillemo/C Gregory
Another nice Black & White parti colour. Very similar to his litter mate in the earlier class. Moved well. Unlucky to be in the same class as the winner today.
3 Xerxes Al Sayad Sawahin, F Bennett/D Bennett
Silver grizzle smooth. A nice dog that did not enjoy showing and was rather tense. Should do well when he settles into the show ring.
4 Sundara's Spirit Of Snowynde, B Boucher/L Boucher

Winners Dog: Jazirat Khartoum
Reserve Winners Dog: Aspen's Triple Threat JC

Bitches (52b 5 pts)

Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.

1 Mata Salamata's Elvira, C Taylor/B Barth Puppy
Cream/gold Slightly nervous and tentative as to be expected at this age. Very elegant and fine boned with lots to like about her. I think she will mature into a very lovely bitch.

9 - 12 Mos.

1 Jamora Bahia Snowbird, J Anderson/J Morrison/R Morrison/K Anderson
Cream bitch liked this bitch a lot, although she was not happy in the ring. Nice outline and shape. Nice depth for her age. Well grow on to be a nice bitch.
2 Atia Isirad Of Karanfil, D Satterfield
Black & tan Shown too thin in condition for my taste. Moved reasonably well. Very fine head but just too fine all over for me.

12 - 18 Mos.

1 Starlite Sheer Courage Alsayad JC, D Bennett/F Bennett
Silver grizzle smooth. Needs to relax a bit more in the ring. Nicely balanced, good outline and moved very well. The best moving bitch in this class. Reserve winners bitch.
2 Castlebay Unchained Melody, M Leising/N Leising
Red bitch Would like to see her with more condition on. Bit too fine today. Moved well with nothing overdone.
3 Sintara's Tribute At Wisdom, C Waymire
Silver grizzle smooth. Nice with no exaggerations about her. Moved well.
4 Noble Ahsanu She's So Fine, G Bell/S Bell
White, very petite and a little thin for my taste. Moved well but I would like to see 'more' of her.

Bred By Exhibitor

A very strong class with many lovely bitches that I liked.

1 Kyzyl Kum Patissa, W Duggan/B Duggan
Black & Silver smooth Lovely outline, nice head and neck, carried herself very proudly and a very showy bitch. Moved well and shown in hard condition.
2 FC Aspen's Dot Com SC, C Gregory/S Simpson
Black & white parti bitch. Not as happy on the lead as she could be. Very moderate and well conditioned.
3 Chubasco Shoo Fly, J Van Arsdale
Blck & tan smooth. Not as feminine as the others. Very sound and fit. Moderate throughout. Moved very well. Would have preferred a more feminine look about her.
4 Firuza Awn Geneva, I Romanowski
Lovely Red bitch. Took my eye when she entered the ring and I thought she would be my winner. Just had everything I like throughout, with it all flowing together. I felt her soft condition affected her movement today. One I would like to judge again under different circumstances.

American Bred

1 Chubasco Slangdoo, J Van Arsdale
Black & Tan smooth. Nicely put together, very sound. The best mover in this class. . A strong looking bitch and maybe could be a shade more feminine.
2 Sintara's Ishabba Tyra, J Martin/C Mikkelsen
Red bitch, nice type, flowing lines and another in soft condition. A bit steep in croup for me, but overall a nice bitch.
3 Khiva's Anjani Al Caspian, C Paddock
Black fringed fawn More lightly built than the other place getters. Would prefer more substance and a little less angulation.
4 Terikor Tamara, C Solomon/K Bornstein
Black & Tan. Nicely put together but did not move well today.


Another very strong class, with many very nice bitches. I would have liked to award more placings.

1 Abaqero Bellezza JC, A Vigneri/F Vigneri BW, W
Red bitch. Lovely, elegant, the type that conjures up the image of 'desert'. Excellent hard condition and gleaming coat. Extremely sound throughout. She just flowed together, with nothing overdone about her at all. Very moderately angled. Floated around the ring with near perfect out and back movement. I really liked this bitch a lot and was pleased to award her Best of Winners. I hope she goes onto to win more as she certainly deserves to.
2 El-Char Khalehla, D Hoffman/E Malone
Cream bitch. Taller than my winner and another of lovely type. Nice flowing outline. Moderate throughout, with a good front assembly. Would prefer a bit harder condition. But moved well in spite of this.
3 Chubasco Bootzi, J Van Arsdale
Red grizzle smooth. Very strong workmanlike bitch, totally sound throughout but needs a bit more elegance for me. Moved very well.
4 Kyzyl Kum Shaheena Terikor JC, C Solomon/K Bornstein
Grizzle with lovely depth of brisket, nice head, moved well. Today she was unlucky to meet such strong competition.

Winners Bitch: Abaqero Bellezza JC
Reserve Winners Bitch: Starlite Sheer Courage Alsayad JC

Veteran Dog 7 To 10

1 TSH Leo Kanrun JC, S Gottlieb
A strongly built red dog. Not showing his age and very sound.

Veteran Dog 10 +

1 CH Zafara's Ali Sheik , A Lutz
Moved and showed well. Looked as though he was enjoying his day out.

Veteran Bitch 7 To 10

1 CH Aspen's Jaz Faraashah JC, S Simpson/C Gregory
Another that was enjoying all the attention. Not showing her age.

Veteran Bitch 10 +

1 CH Chubasco Boomslang , J Van Arsdale
A very sound smooth bitch that is holding her age well.

Field Coursing, Dogs

1 Abaqero TSH Beretta, C Mason/A Vigneri
This dog certainly looks like a strong fast huntsman. Very sound and moved well. Perfectly conditioned.

Field Coursing, Bitches

A class of 4 lovely nice sound bitches.

1 DC Timaru Victoria's Secret SC, L Brabyn
Black fringed red bitch. Really lovely feminine bitch. Another I would take home with me. Everything in the right place. Lovely head, outline and beautifully sound. Moved very well. Came close to being my Best Opposite Sex, but today just seemed to have lost her 'bloom'.
2 CH Chubasco Zuloo, J Van Arsdale
Black & Tan smooth Very sound and nicely constructed. Moved well. Today she lost to a really beautiful feminine bitch.
3 CH Santana Boojum Kish JC, V Cook/W Cook
Silver grizzle smooth. Another lovely bitch. Flowing lines. A lot to like about her.
4 FC Aspen's Dot Com SC, C Gregory/S Simpson

Lure Coursing, Dogs

1 Aspen's Double Trouble SC, C Gregory/S Simpson
A dog I judged earlier in the day and still a little tentative in the ring.

Breed Winners

What a huge class of salukis, I almost needed a larger ring to fit everyone in! I enjoyed judging this class immensely. I felt the bitches were considerably stronger than the dogs. There can only be one winner and my BOB certainly stood out from the beginning.

Best of Breed or Variety - CH Mystery's Ain't Misbehavin' JC, D Bennett/F Bennett
For me this dog is the totally encompasses the standard. Beautiful clean flowing lines, grace symmetry, strength and certainly gives the impression of speed and endurance. Perfectly sound, he has no exaggerations anywhere. Floated around the ring and was near perfect coming and going. Shown in immaculate condition and well handled. He impressed me from the minute he entered the ring, and did not disappoint when I went over him. I wish him continued success in the showring.
Best of Winners - Abaqero Bellezza JC, A Vigneri/F Vigneri
Best of Opposite Sex - CH Sadik Midnite Aurora JC, C Chapman
Black fringed red bitch, Another to pack into my luggage. A really lovely type of bitch. Beautiful flowing lines, lovely topline, very sound and moved well, exceptional head and dark eye. I note she is the dam of my puppy dog winner.
Select Awards:
With such a large class, I would have liked to been able to award more than just 5 awards, as there were several more that I felt worthy and I could easily have awarded 10
CH Timaru Victoria's Secret SC
Winner of the coursing class. Was close to my Best Oppostie Sex, but felt she had just lost her sparkle today.
CH Gemini Phaeton Jane Eyre
An absolutely beautiful type of bitch I would love to own, and but today disappointed on the move.
CH Kyzyl Kum Phaedra
Another lovely sound smooth, of beautiful type and flowing outline.
CH Timaru Andromeda
Black fringed fawn, once again a wonderful type of bitch with beautiful flowing lines and very sound.
CH Jamora Bahia Tuscany
A pretty heavily feathered red dog that is very showy and takes the eye upon entering the ring.

Stud Dog Class

1. Ch Ziba Indus
(Notes on tape scrambled.)

Brood Bitch Class

1. Ch Chubasco Boomslang
A very sound bitch that has produced very sound pups.

Extended Generation

1. Ch D'ansor Jerzy Jeep
(sorry, tape scrambled)

Thank you all for exhibiting your dogs and accepting my placings with such good sportsmanship.

Carolyn Potts

Junior Showmanship Competition
Judge:Ms. LJ Underwood

Open Junior

1st Lauren Chen
2nd Torie Solomon

Obedience Trial Classes
Judge: Mr. C Alvarez

Novice B

Ch Timaru Destiny CD - J Beeler

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