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2010 Match Results

Conformation Classes
Judge: Linda Griffin 

Perpetual Trophy

Thank you for allowing me to judge this match. The quality, condition and conformation of the dogs entered were excellent. Because I had such a good entry, my final decisions were based on my personal preferences, which simply put are a balanced dog with reach and drive, moderate and a pleasing expression.

6-9 Month Puppy Dog

AB 1 Timaru Serendipity Tu HP 36562509, 12/16/09, owners: Jean Beeler & Lesley Brabyn.

9-12 Month Puppy Dog

1 3 Nimrod's Orion HP36351403. 11/23/09, owners: Tod Mostero & Oscar Riveiro.

BEST PUPPY: 3 Nimrod's Orion
Nimrod’s Orion was the only male puppy, very nicely put together for his age, I will enjoy watching this boy mature. He had a nice outline and carriage, and lots of confidence he should be fun for his owners to show.

12-18 Month Dogs

1 7 HawksView's Secret of the Hunt HP34798103. 614/09 owners; Karen & Lauren Chen
2 5 DoubleTime's Viva Las Vegas HP35316103, 7/12/09 owners: Maryann Lillemo & Kirby Overcash.
3 9 HawksView's Family Secrets of Grassland HP34798104, 6/4/09 owners: Lois Kincaid & Olivia Loupe
4 11 DoubleTime's My Oreo HP33798804 419109; owners: Catherine Comroe & Sarah Turner

A wonderful class, with a variety of sizes and maturity. My 1st and 3rd place winners are litter mates. My #1 placement looked more mature and moved better today than his brother #3, both were in excellent running condition. My #2 although less mature, had many of the traits I like. My #4 has great balance, but needed more ring experience and also needs to mature.

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs

1 15 Jamora Mystic Topaz HP33239904 11/5/08; owners Suzanne& John Forsyth, Kim Anselmo & Joyce Morrison
2 13 Grassland SJ Saxon HP 20482703 06/27/05; owners: Lois Kincaid & Olivia Loupe

An excellent class of two and difficult for me to make a decision. Both of the entries were sound, but #1 has the balance I like and moved better on this day and became my BOS of Match.

Open Dogs

1 19 Z'bee's The Time of Your Life at Mazaoa HP33S16801, 1/29/09 owners: Cindy Taylor & Brian Barth
2 17 DoubleTime's Radar Love HP33798806, 4/9/09 Owners: Stan Gregory & Catherine Comroe
3 21 Jamora Smoky Quartz HP33239906, 11/5/08; owners Suzanne & John Forsyth, Kim Anselmo & Joyce Morrison

Another fabulous class. My #1 had the best movement today of the three and I preferred his outline to the other two.

12-18 Month Bitches

1 2 DoubleTimes' His Latest Flame HP35316l04. 7/12/09; owners: Pamela Bechtold & Kirby Overcash
2 4 HawksView's Touble with Secrets of Grassland HP34798109 6/4/09; owners: Lois Kincaid & Olivia Loupe.
3 6 DoubleTime's My Cinnamon Girl HP33798808, 4/9/09, owners: Catherine Comroe & Sarah Turner

I’m surprised to find my first place winner is the youngest of the three! Today she looked more mature than the others and moved better, I also preferred her underline today.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches

1 8 Lotem NeonAura Nebula, CC, CM CRN 0545-007-2, 10/27/06, owners: Bill & Christine Lewis
2 10 HawksView's Best Kept Secret HP34798108, 6/4/09; owners: Karen & Lauren Chen
3 12 Jamora Pink Sapphire. HP33239905 11/5/08 Kim & Mike Anselmo, Joyce Morrison & Suzanne Forsyth

Another lovely class of bitches, of the two entries my # 1 moved better today. Both bitches had lovely outlines.

Open Bitches

1 18 Swala's Shai. HP36179301, 3/10/09 owners: Susan Schroder & Gary Ellis.
2 20 Shiraz KhanD'LyLa HP303S0804,3/28/08 owners: Cindy Taylor & Brian Barth
3 22 Jamora Persian Garnet, HP33239903 11/5/08 owners: Kim Anselmo. Joyce Morrison & Suzanne Forsyth
4 14 Jamora Bahia Amethyst HP33239901, 11/5/08; owners: Jak, Kathy Anderson & Kim Anselmo & Suzanne Forsyth
16 Levanna NeonAura Milky Way CRN 0546-007-2 owners: Bill & Christine Lewis

This class was of Excellent quality, all moved well. They have lovely outlines, and were well conditioned, and moved beautifully. My First place winner had nice movement about the ring and had the overall look I prefer, a nice balance, a beautiful top and underline giving her the edge in BIM competition.

BEST ADULT: 18 Swala's Shai
BOS ADULT: 15 Jamora Mystic Topaz
BEST IN MATCH: 18 Swala's Shai

2010 Best In Match
Best In Match: Swala's Shai

2010 BOS Adult in Match
Best of Opposite Sex Adult in Match: Jamora Mystic Topaz

2010 Best Puppy in Match
Best Puppy In Match: Nimrod's Orion

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