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2013 Match Results

Conformation Classes
Judge: Cathy Chapman

Perpetual Trophy

First I would like to thank the SCGSF for inviting me to judge your match. I had a great time and I always love assessing puppies! I would also like to thank Jim and Linda Griffin for their hospitality and for keeping my boy Quila for the past several months as I recovered from surgery. Thanks to Nancy Leising for stewarding and helping to keep things moving in an efficient manner. You’ll notice that I prefer a smooth silhouette that I want to say “saluki” to me. I also like good muscle tone. Salukis are athletes, not couch ornaments. And I treasure that light floating movement that to me is one of our breed’s hallmarks and is so hard to find in the show ring it seems. Now on to the critique!

3-6mo Puppy Dog

1) Timaru Ishtah: Tracy Larkin-Cox & Lesley Brabyn
Fawn Sable baby. Smooth silhouette from nose to tail. Nice dark eyes. Little loose in front movement, but could be his age. Square. Would like a little stronger second thigh, but that may come with age.

6-9mo Puppy Dog 

1) Kyzyl Kum Hadsi Hannibal 8: Wendy & Brian Duggan
Black and tan smooth with Irish mark on the neck. Smooth silhouette. Moved a bit wide in the rear. Was not terribly happy on lead at this point in time. Good balance in length of first to second thigh. Nice croup.

9-12 mo Puppy Dog 

1) Timaru Fareed: Susan & Michael Hulsizer
Lemon and white parti boy with very few spots. Masculine head, but I would like more underjaw. Smooth outline. Almost straight in the rear, and could use more muscle in the second thigh. Has a lovely light and easy side gait and is fairly sound coming and going.

3-6 mo Puppy Bitch
Two black and silver babies, obvious littermates

1) Timaru Inas: Linda Larsen & Lesley Brabyn
More leg than her sister. Smooth neck into shoulder. Good front fill for her age. Pretty head and expression. A bit down in pastern, but probably due to teething considering the age. Good muscle condition.

2) Timaru Ingenue: Hajime & Mie Nishiyama
Smooth silhouette and very similar to her sister. Not quite as good of muscle condition. Pretty neck into shoulder. Little loose on the down and back. Her second thigh is longer than her sisters without as much width to it. Also pretty head and expression.

6-9 mo Puppy Bitch
This was a tough class. There were things I liked about all of them and all of them were determined to be their own worst enemy!

1) Kyzyl Kum Hadsi Hetaera: Lennart & Brenda Johansson
Grizzle feathered girl. She was determined to make herself look as bad as she could. In spite of this, there were moments when I could see her good points. Compact body with good muscle condition. Adequate front fill for her age. Good neck into shoulder with a smooth silhouette. Beautiful head and expression. When she finally moved a few steps without fighting her handler, then movement was light and easy.

2) Uziduzit Phasers Set to Stun at Hawksview:  Lauren Chen & Vicky Clarke
Black and tan feathered. Good muscle condition. More upright in shoulder at this age and steeper in croup than my preference. Could have more front fill, but it is probably her age. Fairly sound in movement.

3) Kyzul Kum Hadsi Hafeeday al-Jinghani: Wendy & Brian Duggan
Smooth grizzle. Longer cast than those ahead of her. Has a nice silhouette. Nice balance to her rear. Playing with her front movement today but lovely side gait.

Best puppy: Timaru Fareed
Won on his overall balance, solidness, and light easy movement, which belies his size.

Best Opposite Sex Puppy: Timaru Inas
Also has that light, easy movement that is so hard to find. Adorable face with nice dark eyes.

12-18mo Dogs

1) Doubletimes Matrix Reloaded: Maryann Lillemo
Black and white parti in great muscle condition. Nice neck into shoulder and nice outline with a lovely underline. Proper arch over the loin. A bit steep in croup with a higher tailset than I prefer.

2) Bahia Jamora Shirza Tuscan Majesty: Kathy, Jak, & Thais Anderson & Suzanne Forsyth
Red sable. Masculine head. Smooth neck into shoulders. Softer muscle condition. Also has a nice silhouette with a good underline. Front movement was a bit high stepping for my taste. More rear angulation than my preference.

3) Jamora Bahia Shiraz Tuscan Sun:  Suzanne & John Forsyth, Kim Anselmo & Joyce Morrison
Shaded red sable. Not as smooth neck into shoulder as those ahead of him. More upright in the shoulder which affected his front movement. Nice muscle condition. Good croup. More rear angulation than my preference, but balanced in length of first and second thigh.

Bred By Dog

1) Jamora Bahia Shiraz Tuscan Mosaic: Suzanne & John Forsyth, Kim Anselmo & Joyce Morrison
Red and white parti. A touch longer cast than I prefer. Nice silhouette, good neck into shoulder and good croup. Adequate front fill. Balanced rear angulation. Very straight in the pastern almost to the point of knuckling over which affected the front movement. I preferred this dog’s underline.

2) Hawksview’s Secret of the Hunt, CC, CM: Karen & Lauren Chen
Reddish fawn smooth. Nice neck into shoulder. Compact body. Good front. He is straighter in the rear than I prefer, with a very steep croup and high tail set. The ribcage cuts up sooner than I prefer.

12-18 mo Bitches

1) Srinagar Reesha: Tracy Larkin Cox & Srinagar Kennels
Tri feathered bitch. Smooth silhouette with good neck into shoulder. Very sound and light on her feet on the go round. Has more rear than I prefer and lacks underjaw.

2) Bahia Jamora Shiraz Tuscan Star: Kathy Jak & Thais Anderson & Kim Anselmo
Red sable with white socks: Smooth silhouette and good neck into shoulder. Not as good front fill as the one ahead of her. Nice ribcage carryback. Would like a touch higher ear set.  Not quite as together as first place.

3) Doubletime’s Take the Money and Run, CGC: Pam Bechtold & Kirby Overcash
Shaded red sable. She is in fantastic muscle condition, rock hard! Square silhouette. Not as smooth neck into shoulder and lacks front fill. Steeper croup than I like. Pretty movement on the side.

Novice Bitch

1) Jazirat Sadiyah: Margaret Smith & Patricia Wren
Black and tan. Smooth outline. Good front fill. Easy moving side gait and very sound. Little soft in muscle condition. Would like a touch more leg on her. She is a substantial girl. Moderate rear.

2) Timaru Rhea of Akhtar: M. Popoff, G. Petropoulos, Jim & Linda Griffin
Tri bitch. Tall bitch with smooth silhouette and neck into shoulder. A touch steep in croup. Rear angulation is a bit straight for my taste. Her side gait is lovely and light. A touch close in the rear on the up and back.

Bred by Bitch

1) Hawksview’s Best Kept Secret, CC, CM: Karen & Lauren Chen
Black smooth. Striking color. Looks very powerful with beautiful muscle condition. Moves easy on the side, and is very sound on the up and back. She is a bit straight both front and rear for my personal preference.

Open Bitch

1) Doubletime’s His Latest Flame, BN:  Pam Bechtold & Kirby Overcash
Red sable parti. Compact bitch in beautiful muscle condition. Nice low hocks. Light on her feet from the side and fairly sound. Shoulder is more upright and the croup is steeper than I prefer.  Toes a touch short.

Best Adult: Doubletime’s Matrix Reloaded
Just beautiful moving,, light and easy. Square body. Great muscle condition. Would like more front fill but since he is from the 12-18mo class it may come with age.

Best Opposite Sex Adult: Jazirat Sadiyah
Heavier boned than I normally prefer but she moves soundly and lightly. Nice low hocks and a smooth silhouette. Could be in harder muscle condition.

Best in Match: Doubletime’s Matrix Reloaded
His movement and muscle condition won his placement.

2013 Best In Match

I love the veterans so this was a thrill as I didn’t know you had these classes at your match!

Veteran Dog 7-9yrs

1) FC Doubletime’s Red Dot Rising, SC: Maryann Lillemo & Catherine Comore
Heavily sabled red dog. Good muscle condition. Solid and compact. More upright in the shoulder than I prefer. Nice low hocks. Starting to loose his underline a bit. Nice neck into shoulder.

Veteran Dog 10+yrs

1) Sadiya Celerity Aajiy Qamar, CD, RAE, BN: Linda Larsen
12.5 yr young lemon and white parti. Nice neck into shoulder. He has lost his underline. He is very sound and still struts his stuff! I love his bedroom slipper feet.

Veteran Bitch 7-9yrs

1) Ch. Uziduzit Second Amendment, JC, CC, CM: Lauren Chen & Vicky Clarke
Mahogany sable. Compact, square with a lovely silhouette. Sound moving and lovely on the side with attitude up the kazoo! She is a beautiful girl!

Best Veteran: Ch. Uziduzit Second Amendment, JC, CC, CM

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