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2014 Match Results

Conformation Classes
Judge: Lauren Chen

Perpetual Trophy

I would like to thank everyone who made this match possible, especially our lovely match chair, Linda Griffin and our wonderful hosts, Wendy and Brian Duggan. It was a beautiful day, with a great venue, good company, and a delicious lunch made by Wendy Duggan!  Also a big ‘thank you’ to everyone for their entries; I enjoyed judging each and every one of them! I’ve been to many of our club’s matches over the years and am honored that I was chosen to judge this year’s wonderful event!
-Lauren Chen

Puppy Classes

6-9 Month Puppy Dog
1st: #11 Dahaqin Dahabi Dayyan, HP47374301, 12-29-13, Paul Petrescu & Cathy Chapman
Cream feathered boy, nice slope in pasterns, very goofy today all around, but nice, light movement when he settled down. Smooth outline, more front fill needed that I’m sure will come with age.

9-12 Month Puppy Dog
1st: #12 Doubletime’s Indian Curry, HP46547607, 7-30-13, MaryAnn Lillemo & Kirby Overcash
Red feathered boy with a beautiful side gait, moderate with a smooth neck into shoulders, nice conditioning, also really loved this boy’s broad skull. He ended up being my Best Puppy.

Best Puppy: #12

Adult Classes

12-18 Month Dog
1st: #14 NeonAura’s Kaldi Berry P, HP46348401, 5-31-13, Bill & Chris Lewis
Red feathered boy, narrow but his substance might come with age, shoulders a bit far forward for my liking, sound on his down and back with a nice “spring” to his step.

#15 AB

Bred by Exhibitor Dog
1st: #16 Kyzyl Kum Tipu Sultan, HP24792405, 1-26-07, Brian & Wendy Duggan
B&W parti smooth boy with a nice deep chest and spring of rib, a little wide moving in the rear today which might have been due to his nerves, nice low hocks and a smooth neck into shoulders.

Open Dog
1st: #17 Doubletime’s Matrix Reloaded JC, HP43145802, 4-26-12, MaryAnn Lillemo
B&W parti feathered boy, nicely conditioned, moved so lightly but with such purpose, moderate and dead sound on his down and back, nice deep chest with a lovely underline, beautiful head set. He was my Best Adult and Best in Match today.

12-18 Month Bitch
1st: #18 Haefen Halley JC, HP45653701, 3-8-13, Susan Schroder & Gary Ellis
Compact little tri-color feathered bitch, nice light and lifting movement, wide second thigh, shoulders set a little far forward but may settle back with age along with her chest fill, dead sound on her down and back. She was my Best of Opposite today.

Novice Bitch
1st: #19 Doubletime’s Take the Money and Run CGC, HP43809206, 4-27-12, Pam Bechtold & Kirby Overcash
Small, red bitch. Her movement was a little constricted today, most likely due to nerves. Lovely neck into shoulders, a little narrow for my liking, but nicely moderate.

Bred by Exhibitor Bitch
1st: #20 Kyzyl Kum Hadsi Hafeeday al-Jinghani, HP44564501, 10-24-12, Wendy & Brian Duggan
Smooth, grizzle bitch with a very pretty head. Her nerves got the best of her today as she was “slinking” around the ring. Sound on her down and back and nice spring of rib.

Open Bitch
1st: #24 Doubletime’s His Latest Flame BN, HP35316104, 7-12-09, Pam Bechtold & Kirby Overcash
Red parti, feathered bitch, moderate with nice croup, deep chest with a tight tuck-up, sound on her down and back, beautiful side gait.

2nd: #26 Swala’s Shai, JC, HP36179301, 3-10-09, Susan Schroder & Gary Ellis
Black fringed red, feathered bitch. Nice depth of chest, moderate, not moving as well today as #1, beautiful expression.

3rd: #25 Timaru Inas, HP44643601, 12-26-12, Linda Larsen & Lesley Brabyn
Black & tan feathered bitch, smooth neck into shoulders, nice slope in her pasterns, balanced and moved well today. Not as sound on her down and back as 1st and 2nd.

4th: #22 Khiva’s Arwen of Isirad, HP44152504, 10-3-12, Rita Swencionis & Dan Mayfield
White, feathered bitch. Balanced but with a little more angle than I prefer, deep chested with a nice spring of rib. I liked her low hocks and long toes, great for running!

Best Adult: #17

Best Opposite Adult: #18

Best in Match: #17

2014 Best in Match

Veteran Classes

7-9 Year Dog
1st: #28 Kyzyl Kum Temujin, HP24792401, 1-26-07, Wendy & Brian Duggan
Smooth, parti boy, beautiful neck into shoulders with a lovely front fill and deep chest, he was a balanced and solid mover all around. He went on to be my Best Veteran.

2nd: #29 FC Doubletime’s Red Dot Rising, SC, HP414816309, 4-8-05, Maryann Lillemo & Catherine Comroe
Black sabled red, feathered boy. Gave 1st place a run for his money today at 9 years old! Didn’t move as well today as the 1st place dog, moderate and compact with nice conditioning at his age. Nice front but a little straighter in the pasterns than I prefer.

3rd: #27 NeonAura’s Tivo Layish Al Sayad, CRN 0544-007-02, 10-2-06, Bill & Chris Lewis
Cream, smooth boy. Not as much substance as the first two placements, balanced but a little too forward in the front for my liking, not as sound today on the down and back compared to 1st and 2nd place.

7-9 Year Bitch
1st: #31 Ch. Sadik Briza Wind, JC, HP209733801, 4-6-06, Cathy Chapman
Red/white parti, feathered, 7 years old, losing her topline a little with her age, sweet and loving expression that would melt any heart! Beautiful front with a smooth neck into shoulders, lovely open side gait and moved great today.

10 Years and Older Bitch
1st: #32 Ch. Santana Jen Araby Amani, HP08756602, 2-11-03, Virginia Gandrup
Black/tan feathered bitch, 10 years old, nice substance and depth of chest, moved out beautifully, well balanced. She was my Best of Opposite Veteran today.

2nd: #33 Burydown Vevay, CBC, CMC, SC, HM97941501, 4-25-01, Susan Schroder & Gary Ellis
13 year old white smooth bitch, nicely conditioned for her age, not as much substance as #1 and not as sound on her down and back today. Still has a strong topline and underline.

Best Veteran: #28

Best Opposite Veteran: #32

Field Champion Dogs

1st: #34 FC Doubletime’s Viva Las Vegas SC, CGC, CC, CM, HP35316103, 7-12-09, MaryAnn Lillemo & Kirby Overcash
Nice little compact red feathered boy, moderate with nice front fill and dead sound movement. He has a beautiful head with a piercing expression.

Best Field Champion: #34


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